Design Fiction


“Before our palace stands a mirror, the ascent to which consists of five and twenty steps of porpyry and serpentine … This mirror is guarded day and night by three thousand men. We look therein and behold all that is taking place in every province and region subject to our sceptre.” The Letter of Prester John 1165

Actual, miraculating, partial, transitional and quasi-objects, crypto-fictions, invisible networks, conspiratorial cyphers, anachronistic informatics and anastrophic artefacts. Chronoclastic hoaxes, faked tomes, cargo-cult object re-entries, xenoarchaeological remains, possessed relics. Quack instruments, false flags, non-linear weapons, free-energy systems. Sci-phi-objects, spy-phi craft, c.s.i.phi-detectors. Utopian islands and pataphysical machines. Paradoxical things, enigmatic artefacts from the future, hypothetical devices, dramaturgical machines, dark chambers and black mirrors. Fictive capital, speculative uncertainties, black swan events, disorderly things, untimely futures. Abstract machines, paranoid-electronics,  algorithmic ecologies,  fictive materialities. Imaginary objects,  fictional property, media properties, paracosmic props, sociodramatic tea-parties. Imaginary landscapes, architecture fictions, weird devices, portals and portents, delphic oracles, prophetic paraphernalia, time-tunnels and their schizoanalytic probe-heads.

The matter of design fiction – the science of the artificial – the actualising of artefacts from the future. Designing the architecture fictions of other dimensions and eccentric spaces. Designing the sonic fictions of sound-houses, sound-sweeps, and sound-objects. Designing the property of cognitive estrangement, unevenly distributed across a speculative ‘science’ – ‘fiction’ spectrum.