Design Fiction

Partial Listing of Past, Present and Future Courses of the Department of Memory Palaces and Soft Clocks

MPSC100 “unbuilt and unbuildable architecture, memory palaces, unreality and unreal realism, games and play”, MPSC200“RPG scenario writing, (un)reality mechanics, parallel-worldbuilding,” MPSC300“counterfactuals, countermeasures and counter-cultures” MPSC301“Reconstruction, retconning, reverse ekphrasis and simulation” MPSC401“Renaissance imaginaries second-worlds and green-worlds” MPSC400 “Pop-Mechanics and Speculative Thinking: Multiverses, possible worlds and fictional worlds” MPSC402 “Scenario Making, Hyperstition and Worldbuilding” MPSC403 “Weird, Speculative, […]

Methodological Dynamics: Theory-Fiction and Speculative Design Research

Pleased to be able to say that I’ll be talking at the Professional Practices Conference being held at Reading University on the 27-28 April 2017. My paper will be on Methodological Dynamics – between speculative philosophy and speculative design, with case studies from architecture fiction and theory fiction. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ This research draws together theory-fictions from the field […]