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Daughters of Chaos

Paper Accepted for Deleuze Studies 2015

Daughters of Chaos: Practice, Discipline, A Life will be the 8th international Deleuze Studies conference, and the first to be held in Sweden. The conference will take place between the 29th of June and the 1st of July 2015


Speculative Mechanics: Mechanical Brides & the Daughters of Chaos

This paper considers the speculative capacity of the technological object as proximate with the three daughters of chaos. Notable amongst the processes of speculative designing are critical design with its genealogies of anxiety, the provocative and contestable, and design fictions and the taxonomies of the futurological.

The paper treats the design of the speculative hardware through the notion of an imaginary technical media. It suggests that there is something phantasmatic about the promissory proximate futures of speculative design and its media imaginaries: mechanical brides and media machines that mediate promissory, proximate and proliferating futures. The paper does not so much discount these ‘imaginary’ tendencies of speculative design, or seek to evade the discourses of speculative design already coalescing as critical fictional and real. It instead seeks to oppose the psychoanalytic imaginaries of design and its impossibility of desiring proximate futures. The paper presents this opposition of a psychoanalytic imaginary media through a schizoanalysis of the technical media. It suggests the coupling of the creative, productive unconscious forces of design with  fictions of the conscious and an unleashing of the three daughters of chaos. It concludes by proposing speculative design as a philosophy by other means: the production of the technologically wild, the uncontrolled witchery and cunning devices of design, and as a machinery or mechanism of the creative unconscious.

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