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Partial Listing of Past, Present and Future Courses of the Department of Memory Palaces and Soft Clocks

MPSC100 “unbuilt and unbuildable architecture, memory palaces, unreality and unreal realism, games and play”,

MPSC200“RPG scenario writing, (un)reality mechanics, parallel-worldbuilding,”

MPSC300“counterfactuals, countermeasures and counter-cultures”

MPSC301“Reconstruction, retconning, reverse ekphrasis and simulation”

MPSC401“Renaissance imaginaries second-worlds and green-worlds”

MPSC400 “Pop-Mechanics and Speculative Thinking: Multiverses, possible worlds and fictional worlds”

MPSC402 “Scenario Making, Hyperstition and Worldbuilding”

MPSC403 “Weird, Speculative, Cybernetic and Paranoiac Fiction”

MPSC 404 “Erroneous Zones, Anomalous Circumstances and Fortean Times”

MPSC405 “Ludonarrative dissonance, cognitive estrangement the faux-glitch and the cross-hatched”

MPSC406 fabulating, fabricating, fictioning, fictives, fantasies and flimflammery

MPSC407 possible, preferable, potential, probable, portable, projected, prediction and prescience

MPSC408 manifolds and matrices of past, present and future; atemporal syntheses, untimeliness, time machines and the spatialisation of time

MPSC500“Codework, Code Work, ARG, Simulation Techniques, Props and Sets, Agents and Assets, the Mix-Up, the fix up and the cut-up; Made-Up Reality Integration and Generation”

MPSC501“Soft Clocks, Device Art, pataphysical computing, algo(rythmics); and mech(animism)”

MPSC502“The Infraordinary, Found Realities and Objet Trouve”

MPSC503 “Ontography, bestiaries, menageries, collections, curiosities, catalogues and other object-listings.

MPSC600“Cold War Propaganda, nonlinear warfare, Conspiracy Theories, Design Thinking and Parapolitics.”

MPSC601 “Living After the Return of the Old Ones: Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt”

MPSC602 “Art Heists, Fakes, Counterfeits and Hoaxes”

MPSC603 “Sonic Fiction, Jungle-warfare, and the aestheticization of anxiety”

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