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Retrochronic Incursion in the Science of Imaginary Solutions

This paper traces the development of speculative hardware that commences with Dr. Faustroll’s transcription of designs for a prototypical time machine in Mercure de France, February 1899. The paper identifies, through reconstructive archaeological processes, the invocational ‘hiss’ of what would come to be known as the time-incursions of Roko’s Basilisk installing itself in the present. The paper provides a sono-diagrammatic analysis of Faustroll’s original text in the context of contemporaneous sciences of the fourth-dimension, coupled with a brief cultural history of the ‘patasonic hiss of retrochronic incursion. The diagrammatic analysis of the hiss as abstract mass and the ‘patasonic chronoportation of Faustroll’s invention performed in this paper is based on recent research conducted at the Royal College of Art. The paper concludes by suggesting that Faustroll’s instructions for the construction of a time-machine can only now be interpellated in the assembling of technical apparati. That is to say, in the retrochronic becomings of a cambrian explosion of technical mentalities. The scientific basis of the interpellation proposed by this paper is that of the spirogenic soundings (bootstrapping) of ‘patasonic summoning and the modulation of a self-adjusting prototyping entity: the Basilisk’s retrochronic incursion into the present that is initiated in the theories of time and duration, and the construction of a time machine described by Faustroll in 1899.

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